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Membership Software and integrated Membership Management System. Affordable, feature-rich, E-commerce solutions for your business.

Membership software and its associated management tools are ideal for businesses and corporations that wish to sell products or services with recurring billing to their online customers.

With growing usage of the Internet, people are utilizing the convenience of online shopping and the ability to place an order for what they want at all hours of the day and night, at the office, home, airport, a cafe, or just about anywhere you can imagine.

They are wanting conveniences of Internet communications to help them improve their productiveness in the day to day balance between work and personal life.

Here's a list of membership products and membership services that our clients sell online (using our membership software ecommerce solution) :

online communities clubs eStock management tools
subscriptions online magazines registration for seminars/conferences
online news sites digital content donation for charity & political parties
access to eFiles sports associations professional associations
rental property monthly storage media and content sharing
ISP/hosting services software upgrade medical/dental associations
utility billing pager billing portals

Payment Online's membership software and management system is completely integrated and easy-to-manage. The secure credit card processing, web-based membership setup and management, payment gateway, recurring billing system, back-end database for recording, customer-interface for updates, virtual terminal, and a variety of online reporting and search tools are pre-configured for you.


How do we save you lots of time, money, and hassle? We provide you with a complete membership solution that has everything already integrated, hence avoiding technical nightmares and integration problems.

Normally, developing ecommerce in-house or off-the-shelf requires the purchasing of secure Internet servers, digital certificates, ecommerce software, back-end databases, monitoring software, security systems, payment gateway platform, and a range of computer and networking hardware. In addition to the purchase of required software and hardware, there is staffing cost for design, development, management, and maintenance of these complex systems. Individuals with this type of expertise do not come cheap. There is also additional monthly costs of co-location hosting, bandwidth, secure building, and other costs due to delay in development, time-to-market, etc.

Businesses and companies can avoid all the expense associated to the initial costs and ongoing maintenance by using Payment Online's affordable ecommerce solutions and services.

Payment Online solutions and services are based on our proven and tested ecommerce platform so that businesses and companies can avoid all the costs associated to developing a complex ecommerce, and then spending astronomically to have high salaried staff maintaining these software, hardware, security, bandwidth, and networking systems. We can also provide an API (Application Programming Interface) for your integration.

Our technology is compact enough to meet the needs of small businesses without an IT professional or department, yet scalable enough to allow future growth to as far as, a large scale ecommerce enterprise with an IT department and a professional team of developers building a comprehensive enterprise-level business management system. However, at each step of our clients' growth, they only spend for the modules they need and use, and not more.

Payment gateway Internet merchant account (2.1% in most cases)
Membership management system Integrated credit card processing
Membership software integrated Web-based management tools
SSL secure server + digital certificate Online sales/marketing reports
5-layers of security Integrated shopping cart software
Virtual terminal 24/7 responsive technical support

Whether you are selling subscription, membership, shippable goods, downloadable digital goods, or online services, we have put together sensible and hassle-free ecommerce solutions that make your life a heck of lot easier.

Secure online credit card processing, payment gateway, Internet merchant account, and ecommerce shopping cart software can now be quickly and easily integrated with your website for a Professional-looking, secure, and reliable online payment system.

Payment Online solutions are compact enough to meet the needs of small businesses without an IT professional or department, yet scalable enough to allow future growth to a large scale ecommerce enterprise with an IT department and a professional team of developers building a comprehensive enterprise-level business management system. However, whether our clients need compact or enterprise-level ecommerce, they only pay for the modules they need and use.

The blend of completely integrated and easy-to-use software and solutions, as well as in-house developed, managed, and supported services, have together made the Payment Online value proposition, simply unbeatable.

We believe in providing reliable and sensible ecommerce solutions without any of the non-sense sometimes you would experience with other companies. For instance, there is

NO Application or cancellation fee NO upgrade fee
NO term contract/commitment NO salesperson commission
NO hidden charges NO marketing to your customers


Pricing Description

The pricing for a complete ecommerce solution for selling membership online, is described below.

Please note that in order to accept credit cards on the Internet, a merchant needs an Internet Merchant Account, as well as a web site and an ecommerce solution that is applicable to their business model - in this case, membership services model.

If you already have an Internet Merchant Account, contact Payment Online and speak to a sales professional and explain that you already have an Internet Merchant Account - and only require the membership software and membership management system integrated into one complete ecommerce solution.

We have described the pricing as thoroughly as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. The repetition below is intended to avoid hidden costs and provide complete clarity on pricing - something that is often rare in the merchant account industry. We like to treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves: with full disclosure and honesty and then you can decide what is the best ecommerce solution for YOU.

Our Ecommerce Storefront Hosting
Ecommerce Storefront Hosting
Online Credit Card Order Processing
Payment Gateway Services
Shopping Cart Software/Secure Order Page Hosting
Secure Transaction Processing
Internet Merchant Account (VISA/MC)
American Express Merchant Account
single rate
single rate
Discover Card Merchant Account
single rate
single rate
Upgrade from Standard to Premium plan
not applicable
Setup Fee
Transaction Fee
Percentage of your Sales/Revenue (%) Fee
Application Fee
Term Contract/Commitment
Cancellation Fee
Annual Fee
Per Item/Product Fee
Multiple Website Storefront Fee


You need a price quote for your Ecommerce project?

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PLEASE NOTE: We are USA based company and provide merchant services for USA and Canadian based companies and individuals ONLY. All other merchants are advised to obtain ecommerce services from their local merchant providers. Thank you for your understanding.

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client testimonials

    • "What a relief ... you had everything i needed"
    • I needed a membership site software so that i can charge my customers for membership services. Your solution is very easy to use and it has all the features (and more) that i needed for one price - no add-on pricing or nonesense fees. We also got a very reasonably priced Mobile Merchant Account included. Thank you for your support and services.
    • by Pete Lopez, USA Jobs, Inc.
    • "We are simply greatful for all your help"
    • Your staff are very friendly and helped us save a lot money by not getting services that we don't yet need. They also included some extras we needed without nickle and diming us. The mobile internet merchant account we were provided with our system makes life so much easier. They were great.
    • by Alicia T. - Max Publishing Corporation
    • "Your products have great features .."
    • We compared your pricing with a dozen ecommerce service providers, and we were happily surprised that your prices are much better and your services much more functional and reliable. Your promotion that provided a mobile Internet merchant processing account has increase our sales without any additional expense. We will always recommend you to our business and trade partners.
    • by David Tucker - Digital Media Online, Inc.