Privacy Policy

Our Pledge:

Payment Online Credit Card Processing Credit Card Processing is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of others.

The following policies apply to our website visitors, our newsletter subscribers, our customers, individuals or groups on our opt-in announcement list, and individuals or groups who order or download guides or white papers from our web pages.

We pledge to guard your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy and respect the confidentiality of all visitor or subscriber data submitted to Payment Online.

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all information and pledge not to sell, loan or give any personal data to third parties.

Website browser cookies that anonymously remember your computer or mobile device when you visit our website which is used to keep track of browsing options, choices, and patterns and help us to build up a blue print of how you use our website will be limited to non personal use and will not be shared in an inappropriate way. We will also not use such information to directly target advertising to you, other than what Google would already use for Google ad servers.

If and when we would use login or account service cookies that help us to make our website work as efficiently as possible for instances in senarios where we need to track registration and login information or sessions, we will do so responsibly and remember your settings preferences; and meter the number of pages you view for the purpose of enhancing Payment Online Credit Card Processing.

We do use google advertising and analytics javascripts and cookies, which are placed by or on behalf of independent advertisers who are advertising on our site via the advertising syndication and Adwords. These cookies may be placed within the advertisement and elsewhere on our site without any direct involvement or even knowledge or recording by us. They are anonymous – they cannot identify individuals specifically or directly or in any manner to disclose your personal information. They are used for statistical analysis by allowing metrics and actuarial science to be applied for and on behalf of the advertiser to count how many people have seen their advertisement or have seen it more than once, sessions and bounce rate ratios. They might also allow the advertiser to tailor advertising to you when you visit other websites. 

All personal and communications data will be kept confidential and secured from any third party marketing use.

On occasion, you may be requested to evaluate the content and quality of our periodicals to better tailor our newsletters and information items to subscriber needs.

We may also use the information you provide for such purposes as responding to requests, improving our website, and direct communication with subscribers.

Again, your personal data will not be shared with any third party, except where you have already signed agreement with the other party - such as your merchant account bank, if it applies to the services that you procure from Payment Online Credit Card Processing.

We respect the intention and purpose for which our clients submit any personal data. In accordance with our policy, we will not use any information for any means other than stated or implied (i.e., customer care, technical support, account management, etc.).

On occasion, we may contact select individuals who have requested information for marketing/sales/research purposes.

If, upon contact, an individual expresses a desire to receive no further contact from the company, these wishes will be respected.

We do not ask our Web site visitors with the choice to have their names added to a marketing list.

We respect the right of our clients. All computer files that contain our customers business information will be stored in protected areas accessible only to necessary personnel. We take this very, very seriously.

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